Your best options for a top class experience while on holiday

Boat rental is the activity in vogue. Each year, 20,000 rental contracts are signed by French rental companies. Whether you are beginner or experienced, it is possible to rent a boat and enjoy it, especially during the summer. Buying a boat is often expensive and unsuitable for a holiday budget. On the other hand, rental is an intermediate and adapted solution. Here are instructions for you on how to rent a boat.

Going with family or friends

Who has never dreamed of leaving a few days cruising on a sailboat, with family or friends? Boat rental has the advantage of addressing all types of trips on the water and all types of people. The boat is also considered a place where you can sleep and eat at home. The habitable boats are also fashionable nowadays, especially the sailboats. It is a great idea to go sailing with others in peace.

But what type of boat to choose? Sail or engine? The sailboat, if preferred for the pleasure of sailing, does not necessarily offer all the guarantees against the vagaries of the weather. For motor boats, pay attention to the pleasure license. In all cases, a constant statistic emerges: boat rentals last on average 7 days.

The boat license

For boaters who prefer the motor boat, the boat license is the essential sesame in order to navigate at sea. Indeed, the driving of a pleasure boating vehicle requires the possession of a pleasure license according to the engine power of the boat. boat (more than 10 horses) and distance from the coast (6 miles from a shelter).

If you have no license or experience, you will need to hire a skipper to drive your boat. To rent and drive a motor boat, most of the time, the coastal permit, quite simple to obtain, will suffice. For a sailing boat, you will have to complete "a nautical resume" to justify your nautical experience and your previous rentals.

So, after your rental, comment on your experience and evaluate the boat and its owner to allow future tenants to better prepare their future trips to sea.


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