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Select it or the boat of your choice and complete the online quote request form on Samboat. Your requests are sent directly to the car rental partners, without intermediaries and get a reply in the shortest possible time.

The sea escapes

We can look for a beautiful emblem for rental boats but Samboat agency offers the reliability of the team. But also, ease of moving towards our desire, ease of finding the best route and the choice of the boat. And finally, the price is very thoughtful and finally the ease of communication between customer and direct lessor. All in the Samboat menu for sailing boats, motorboats and even electric mode. The program of a cruise gets on several days to weeks to see happening between the client and the direct owner. The boat rental company leverages its expertise in boating and provides a customer, a pleasure boat for navigation at sea or on the river. It can also offer the services of a skipper that would give you the opportunity to visit a very special place, because he knows this itinerary so well.

Most of Samboat platform

The commercial tasks and supervision all boats in hire of client and you can see more to check the requirements to become a pleasure boat skipper and sailing. He must be able to convey himself a vessel to a port where a customer planned to rent it. An employee boat renter may open its own rental agency. With the development of water sports, this activity is rather widely spread in recent years. The sector tends to organize and professionalize. After booking, our Customer Service will contact you to handle your case, advise you and answer all your possible concerns. We are particularly attentive to the quality of their management, customer relationships and financial rigor.

The missing traders are systematically eliminated. You enjoy a privileged exchange, unique and expert advice.


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