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Croatia is an ideal country for boaters, sailing and sailing. The sea, the coast and the Croatian islands offer the pleasure of sailing that you can discover all over the world. Croatia has therefore developed nautical tourism, and Samboat is there to discover Croatia differently.

Rent a boat with professionals

In many marinas you can rent a boat of your choice and sail on parts of the Adriatic Sea, islands and coasts. Choose a boat online and enjoy. There are sailboats, motor boats, motorboats, motorboats, catamarans and most luxurious yachts and mega yachts available. The Adriatic Sea is located between the Croatian and Italian coasts. The Croatian part is very far back, with many bays, bays, peninsulas and more than 1000 islands, reefs and rocks. This is precisely why Croatia attracts thousands of boaters every year. In a few days it is impossible to travel all over the attractive region of the Croatian Sea.

Samboat's offers on the trip to Croatia

If you want to combine sailing with your stay on land or in the islands, check out Samboat's offers on the rent a boat croatia which are very interesting on this day. Motor boats are not as luxurious and great as a yacht. This does not mean that they are not comfortable and that they do not provide a complete navigation experience in Croatia. Motor boats are easier to navigate and have a shallower draft, allowing you to visit many bays in Croatia. We can say that they are more comfortable and faster than sailboats, so you can visit more places with them in less time. They are created for people who like fast and comfortable trips. It is common for large motorboats to be chartered by a skipper.

You will have to enjoy the Adriatic several times. There are more than 50 marinas on the Croatian coast, strategically located from north to south and on the islands.


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