Great ways of exploring the Greek coast

Greece is perfectly situated at the intersection of Europe, Asia and Africa. Located on the southern tip of the Balkan peninsular, it has common borders with Albania on the northwest, Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria directly to the north, and Turkey on the furthest eastern point. The geographical diversity of where Greece stands is not just by land, but also by sea. Exploring the Greek coast will mean renting a sailboat or motorboat and when doing so, you will have the choice to see Greece by water on the Aegean Sea on the eastern part, the Ionian Sea on the western shore, and the Sea of Crete and Mediterranean directly to the south.

Palmaris of Greek coast

It is obvious why Greece is one of the most desirable vacation destinations. Rent a boat in Greece and discover unspoiled beaches on one of the several islands, or spend time absorbing the local culture on the mainland. With its diversity, there is something to be found by everyone.

Renting a boat to better view Greece

Sailing in Greece is an amazing opportunity to discover the Greek islands. Leave the mainland and set sail to the Cyclades islands or the Dodecanese islands. You won't be disappointed. Once again, depending on your criteria, with yacht charter greece , you can find a skippered yacht or a bareboat one. For example, if you want to have complete freedom on your sailing yachts then, bareboat is the way to go. On the opposite, if you are more looking for a stress-free boating experience, planning absolutely nothing and just enjoy the sun on the dock of you hired boat, then renting a boat with a Greek skipper will be the best solution. One of the main benefits of hiring a boat with a local skipper is that they know the sailing area the best.

Sailing the coast

It goes without saying that Greece is a sailing hub in the Mediterranean. With hundred years of sailing history, Greece and the Ionian sea is a popular destination for everyone looking for an adrenaline rush or just a stress-free day out on the water with their family. Charters in Greece are numerous and during the summer months, between July and August, the surrounding can be a little bit crowded. However, the coastline abounds with unspoiled harbours and bay which will give you a better sense of solitude and adventure.


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