How to dive with a boat ?

Nowadays the yachting appeals more and more people each year. Indeed you are always more wishing take advantage of you spare time to have some sea trips, or spend your holidays on a cruise. And nothing is better than owning your own boat to sail whenever you want !


There are miscellaneous kinds of boats for sale: sailboat, motorboat, catamaran speedboat, there is one for everyone's taste and for everyone's budget ! Some boats even provide additionnal services: for example, the yacht often has a rear platform to enable you to practise diving. Some others even have a hollow hold to park a jet ski and take it directly to sea! However, before investing, you have to make sure that you have the essential skills to drive the boat you want to buy. By the way, we advise you to have some sailing lessons to be able to attend to any eventuality.


Scuba-diving is a wonderful activity, which provides an incomparably freedom sensation. There are several ways of diving: the free-diving and the deep-sea diving. The first one enables you to feel more free because you can dive with just a swimsuit and the lightest equipment. But you are limited to a surface exploration: indeed it is hard to holding your breath long enough to dive till about ten meters deep. If you want to venture to dive in the darkest depths of the ocean, you should choose deep-sea diving: you are equiped with a wetsuit, flippers and one or two scuba tanks. So you will be free to dive so much deeper. But you will have to sacrifice this freedom sensation you have with free-diving, because of the heaviness of the equipment. Moreover, the deep-sea diving requires a formation, whereas the free-diving is affordable to everyone. It is up to you to choose the best for you !

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